Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where did the last month go??

How has it been almost a month since my last post??? I feel like I was just sitting down & typing about getting ready to pack for our trip to Maine and suddenly it is a month later!

So, to back it up a bit. We had a FANTASTIC visit to New England. It was all the relaxation we needed and the one on one time with Chase was priceless. It is so much fun for me to get to see my grandparents spend the time with their great grandson. My relationship with my grandparents was an integral part of my upbringing, and my hope for Chase is that he gets that with his grandparents and great grandparents. We also enjoyed showing Chase some of our favorite Maine things - the beach, the coast, LL Bean & Freeport shopping, the Samoset resort (where we got engaged!) was just a really wonderful week. I hope Chase grows up to love his time in Maine as much as I do.

We haven't had too many other eventful things aside from our trip in the last month though it seems that life is on full throttle and not showing promises of slowing down - I came down with a horrible cold after getting back home and have been fighting getting my energy back since then.

Chase is growing so fast that I feel like I am trying to capitalize on every second we have with him - every day brings so many new exciting things. From how he moves, to the way he watches us, to his vocal/verbal communication advances. He just amazes me and I have been really emotionally overwhelmed by my ever growing love for him lately. Every laugh and smile makes my heart swell even more than the last and somedays I feel like my insides are just going to burst I am so full of love for this child.

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