Sunday, July 25, 2010

Splish Splash!

Check out Chase learning to kick and splash in the tub - he's such a happy baby...we are just the luckiest parents in the whole world. I can't get enough of this sweet little boy!

The video had to be posted in two parts, so view this top one first!

Weekends go too quickly!

Well, I survived my first week back to work and was greatly looking forward to the weekend! I have to say that I don't think I have ever enjoyed a weekend as much as this one, for the sole purpose of complete uninterrupted time with my little buddy Chase. We woke up on Saturday morning and Matt headed over to the Harrisburg house to get a bunch of things done so we can get it on the market. While he did that I picked up the house and ran what felt like a bizillion errands with Nana Krn. It was about 105 degrees here on Saturday with the heat index, so just walking into a store was enough to be exhausting! We went and signed up for our new library cards at the Hershey Library and browsed around the children's section. It makes me so excited for the future and all the fun things that Chase will get to learn, explore & imagine by reading. Then we did a run to Sam's Club and the grocery store. We ended the day with a "Southpoint" get together. Southpoint is the development we live in and we had Staci & Jordan, Eric & Jess and their beautiful kids Bronx & Brody over. The only thing missing was their cute little girl Pixx. We had thai food takeout and spent the warm evening on the deck having a great time. This move was the best thing ever!

This morning we made breakfast and headed out to meet up with Jordan's sister Jess to do some shopping for Staci's bridal shower that is on August 7th, grabbed some lunch and headed home. Nana Krn stopped by to see Chase for about an hour while Matt & I raced around to clean the entire house from top to bottom while we had a quick babysitter! Chase is going to sleep now after a cute bath (I'll post the video from that next!) and I find myself sitting here feeling sadder tonight than I did last Sunday because after being away from him all week and then getting the weekend with him, I am missing him already and can't wait until next weekend.

One big accomplishment this week was Chase sat in his highchair for the very first time! Here are some cute pictures - he's growing so quickly!

Friday, July 23, 2010

we've created a monster

Chase has learned to copycat us...we found this out when I was trying to make him smile the other morning as we were getting ready from work. We tried to get a re-enactment later that evening when I got home from work - enjoy!

Jumping bean!

I've been really slacking in posting since the chaos of moving & going back to work...but I caught this on video tonight and had to share. Our little baby is getting soo big! He brings us so much joy & laughter :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yesterday was moving day, and all in all, things went rather smooth. It has been a long week since I last posted! Matt was away at Kate & Alex's wedding last weekend and I was on my own with Chase. Then on Sunday we went non-stop getting ready for Monday morning.

We are about 80% unpacked at this point, with a lot of things yet to hang on the wall. We are also going to paint Chase's room by the end of the weekend. So much to do, but so worth it! We feel very at home already and are enjoying getting comfortable in the house we will raise our family in :)

I return to work tomorrow for several hours to get reacquainted and caught up on things before my full time return to work on Monday. I never thought I would be so torn about going back to work. I have loved every single moment of maternity leave with Chase and wish that it could go on forever. It has truly been the most rewarding & difficult 16 weeks of my life. I hope that I find a good balance quickly as I get used to only spending time with Chase after 6pm. Unfortunately he has started going to bed earlier & earlier! Wish me luck!

Monday, July 5, 2010

One week to go!

The countdown is on! We have one week until moving day! We got a lot of packing done today including the whole attic. All we have left is our bedroom and some odds & ends in the other rooms. I can't believe that one week from today we will be sitting in our new house!

This week is going to fly by as well. I'm going to have Monica, who I used to nanny when she was 5 for several years, is going to be my helper this week to hang out with Chase & I at home while I get the rest of the packing done. It is supposed to be 100 degrees here all week too, so we may ditch some packing and head to the pool!

Matt is headed to Long Island in NY this weekend for the wedding of his best friend from college. Alex was a groomsmen in our wedding as well & he is marrying his college sweetheart Kate. I wish I was able to join them, but having a 3 month old and my parents out of the country cramps our style a little bit :) So we will be dropping the dog off at the kennel on Friday morning for the weekend while we finish packing and because with Matt gone from Friday AM - late Saturday, it will be lot easier for me to handle on my own with Chase. With our entire house in boxes, I will probably take Chase to my parents house to sleep.

Chase is changing so much - I have to share these pics of him in his Bumbo seat & Jumperoo. It is amazing what a couple of weeks does to his ability to enjoy these things more. Wonder how quickly he will grow out of them!

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!!

We had a fantastic weekend celebrating the 4th of July with friends and enjoying our little family! On Saturday I left Daddy at home with Chase for some much needed & deserved one-on-one time and went out for a couple of hours to have lunch with Staci & Sara to celebrate Sara's birthday. In the evening we went over to Staci & Jordan's house for a hot dog cookout and to relax on their patios. This time next week, we will be in walking distance to their home from our new one and so this weekend we practiced our "BFF BBQ's" that we are sure to be having all summer long!

Sunday morning we got up, ready & packed up for a long but fun day! We started out at Matt's grandparents house for a rib cookout and some swimming then headed over to Staci's parents house for a full afternoon & evening of swimming & food. Jordan's sister and her children joined us as well and it was a really good time. Jess & Eric's youngest son, Bronx, was born only 1 week before Chase so it was fun to see the similarities and differences between the two boys. Bronx is one of the calmest, most chill babies I've ever met. Chase is a pretty relaxed, rarely fussy baby, and Bronx still topped him for the ultimate chill factor.

In the evening when it got dark, we had a great surprise with fireworks from the neighbors. They apparently hire a professional and obtain a permit to come put on a real fireworks display for the neighborhood. Chase was so enthralled with the bright colors and didn't mind the loud noise at all! It's so much fun getting to experience all of the "firsts" in his life! Enjoy a few photos from our great weekend!

Chase & Bronx getting in a nap:

Watching his first fireworks :

Happy baby at the pool :

My little surfer dude:

Patriotic Chase! I love his expression in this picture!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happiness is...

Happiness is having your baby asleep on your chest.

Chase has been super sleepy this evening, which isn't very common for him, but I am not one to pass up the snuggle time. Matt & I are watching a movie and relaxing before we dive back into packing again tomorrow and Chase decided to get comfy as well.

Being a mommy just moves me sometimes, in the most simple & pure of ways. To look down and see this innocent, perfect child laying on you who knows nothing else in the world other than that you love him is one of the most real and defining things I have ever experienced. I feel like my blog has become somewhat sappy since I became a mom, but I think that is because so many parts of me have changed so much. I see the world in a different color now than I did before. I have a different purpose and meaning to everything I do. I am more cautious, more forgiving, more patient. I think before I speak more, I take time to look at the little things. This little baby is changing every day right before my eyes and I am trying so hard to take it all in, to make each moment a photograph in my memory. I take so many pictures these days, probably because some day when I am old I will look back on them as many people do and reminisce that these were some of the happiest days of my life.

Life is so beautiful. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do - they are simple and perhaps boring to anyone other than me, but for me they speak volumes and capture the perfectness that is Chase Gregory Coulter

Sweet sleeping baby:

Mommy+Baby+snuggle time = perfect love

I loved this shot with his big hand and sleeping face in the background: