Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A week of "8"s ...and an introduction of sorts!

Well, we've hit another milestone! I'm now 8 months pregnant, 80 % of the way through and just under 7/8 weeks until delivery!!

In honor of LBC's newest milestone, we thought we'd share some pictures of his nursery, which in turn will introduce LBC to the world as "Chase". We've been keeping his name a secret for quite some time, as we honestly grew rather tired of hearing everyone's opinion on the names we were selecting. However, we reached a point where we said oh well and are ready to share the name! I've always said that I would say his name before he was born because to me, this is who he is already. So, we'd like to introduce to you - Chase Gregory Coulter!! He will still be affectionately known as LBC for the weeks to come, but now you know who he will be known as in a few short weeks!

We are off to our first hypnobirthing class tonight which starts a 5 week series of classes to get us ready for the big day..I'm sure I will have lots to post on that later!

Lindsay, Matt & LBC aka Chase :)

This will be the changing table & dresser:

Crib shot:

View from the closet:

View from the hallway:

We got a little crafty this weekend & did these ourselves!!!

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