Sunday, May 16, 2010

Best Mother's Day gift ever!!!

So today I got to receive all of the things listed in my scrapbook for Mother's was SO perfect and I had the best time! The weather was perfect, the plans were made up of all of my favorite things and I had been looking forward to this day all week! I am so lucky to have a husband & son who are so thoughtful and would go to such lengths to plan a special day for me! Matt wanted to get pictures of every part of the day so we could document it in my scrapbook... so, here are the pics!

Started out the day with a Vanilla Cappuccino from of my favorites!

Snuggle time with my favorite little boy:

A nice long hot shower!

Lunch @ The Highlands Grill overlooking the Hershey Links golf course:

Massage at the Spa @ The Hotel Hershey

Cupcakes @ The Hotel Hershey's Sweet Shoppe

Silly boy hanging at the Hotel!

Walking around the formal gardens:

Tired boy after shopping at the outlets for cute new clothes...for him! Guess having a baby really does change everything :)

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