Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My First Mother's Day!

This Sunday was my very first Mother's Day since I wasn't even pregnant for last Mother's Day. I was even more excited for this day than I was for my birthday this year! Anything that has to do with Chase makes me so excited these days. It has been the best gift to be able to be his mommy, and it was an honor to have a special day to celebrate being that.

Chase apparently collaborated with his daddy and they planned the most special day ever! After a full night of sleep (Daddy took nighttime duty for the WHOLE night - which was an amazing gift in itself!), I woke up to my beautiful little boy wearing a "My mom is cooler than yours" onesie and my favorite vanilla cappuccino. Then I received a Sigg water bottle with Chases' picture on it and one of the Willow Tree angels that I collect. Then the best part came...Matt made me a scrapbook detailing what we were going to do the entire day next Saturday as my Mother's Day gift! I get the following:

A full nights sleep
Snuggle time with my baby
A long hot shower
Lunch at the Highland Grille (my current favorite restaurant!)
Massage at the Hotel Hershey Spa (where Matt will hang out on the property of since I HATE to be away from Chase)
Cupcakes at the sweet shop at the Hotel
Walk around the gardens

Isn't that the best gift ever?! It was so thoughtful and all of my very favorite things. I truly am the luckiest mommy in the whole world - though Chase is really the only gift I will ever need :) We also had lunch with Nana & Grampy and Aunt Kayla at the Chocolate Avenue Grill and then hung out with them until we went home to have family time. I love my life.

I LOVED Chase's outfit...and he coincidentally matched our bedspread!

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