Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yesterday was moving day, and all in all, things went rather smooth. It has been a long week since I last posted! Matt was away at Kate & Alex's wedding last weekend and I was on my own with Chase. Then on Sunday we went non-stop getting ready for Monday morning.

We are about 80% unpacked at this point, with a lot of things yet to hang on the wall. We are also going to paint Chase's room by the end of the weekend. So much to do, but so worth it! We feel very at home already and are enjoying getting comfortable in the house we will raise our family in :)

I return to work tomorrow for several hours to get reacquainted and caught up on things before my full time return to work on Monday. I never thought I would be so torn about going back to work. I have loved every single moment of maternity leave with Chase and wish that it could go on forever. It has truly been the most rewarding & difficult 16 weeks of my life. I hope that I find a good balance quickly as I get used to only spending time with Chase after 6pm. Unfortunately he has started going to bed earlier & earlier! Wish me luck!

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