Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chase's Big Day!

Today was a big day for the Coulter family! Chase had his 4 month check up, complete with shots, and did great! I was able to sneak away from work to go with my mom & Chase to the appointment. Our little heavyweight is tipping the scales at 16lbs, 15 oz and is 26 1/2 inches long!! He is in the 81% for weight and 90% for height! He also received three shots and an oral vaccination. He screamed his cute little head off while the needles where in his leg, but once I picked him and gave him some mommy love, he was good to go!

The exciting day didn't stop there! The doctor gave us the go ahead to try rice cereal with him now that his weight is so high and he is eating so much. I went to target after work and got him some organic brown rice cereal (I know, I know) and tonight we mixed a little bit with breastmilk and the video & photos below are the end result. Of course, our little grabber had to make things even more exciting by grabbing the bowl and spilling it EVERYWHERE! Never a dull moment in our house, but certainly a bunch of proud ones :)

Fell asleep from excitement while mommy & daddy ate dinner!

First bite of cereal!

Big boy at the doctors office!

Family photo:

Proud mommy!

In action with dumping the bowl!

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