Monday, August 9, 2010

Just can't have a bad day..

We had a busy weekend that went by way too fast, so it was really hard to go back to work today and be away from my little sweetie. My mom said that Chase only napped about 2 hours all day, which is far too little for our liking! Matt got home about an hour and a half before I did and said that Chase was restless, wasn't smiling like usual and just kept fussing. He was so overtired but just wouldn't go down to sleep. I came in the door from work and that was all it took for my sweet baby to burst into a smile! To make it even better, as soon as I took him and started singing my usual songs to him he quickly calmed down, laid his head on my chest and was out like a light. It is moments like these that fill my heart with such unspeakable joy. I was sitting on the couch holding this little angel and my eyes just welled up with tears of sheer joy and love at the miracle that was in my arms. I'm convinced that there is no such thing as a bad day with Chase in the world.

For another little treat, Chase decided to start trying to really hold his own bottle this morning - cutest thing! Enjoy the pictures!

Sometimes a baby just needs his mommy...

Big bottle holding baby!

I'm not sure if I shared this picture already or not, but Matt took this candid shot the other morning. Just another beautiful example of unspeakable joy.

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