Sunday, June 6, 2010

A lot of firsts this week!

Our vacation to Stone Harbor contained a lot of "firsts" for Chase - his first time at the beach, crossing state lines, hotel stay, etc, but it also included a "first" for Matt & I! For the first time since last July we went out to a bar and also had a date night without the baby!

We went out on Sunday night with Chip & Ally to Fred's Tavern and another bar in Stone Harbor and had a great time. Once I was out, my anxiety level was manageable and we were able to enjoy 2 hours out having a good time without the baby! Then on Thursday night, Matt & I had a date night and we went out to dinner & ice cream. It was great to spend the time just the two of us without baby talk! Thanks to Nana Krn for watching him both times - though he slept the ENTIRE time we were gone!

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