Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Jessie..

Today would have been Jessie's 23rd is so hard to believe that two years ago I had her here in my home recovering from turning 21 at midnight and all the drinks she consumed between 12 and 2am. She was the light of our lives. It is especially hard today to realize that she won't be here to influence and know her nephew, because I know she would have taken her role as his aunt to the ultimate extreme and loved him like her own. So today, I just have a few things to say to the best little sister that God ever created:

I miss you - they say that time heals pain, and maybe that is true, but missing you doesn't get easier and time doesn't stop love from continuing to grow. I was so extremely blessed to have had you in my life for 21 years. As I think about the child growing inside of me, I think of the stories about when mom was pregnant with you and I was the only one that was sure you were a girl, and because of that I got to name you. You & I had that special connection from the very beginning and even though you are gone, I like to think it is still there. I still see you, hear you and feel you when I need it most and I know you are never really that far away. I'm going to need you to stay really close for always because we're about to go through the biggest experience in our lives and I need my little sister for it. I love you, thanks for being who you were, are and always will be. We are truly the lucky ones for having had you. Keep shining in Heaven..I can feel your beautiful light.

Love you more everyday,
Linds <3

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