Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You're kidding, right?

So last night was the WORST sleep I've had since being preggo. I woke up literally every two hours on the dot - 1245, 245, 445 and then 645. All I could think was that LBC is getting me prepped for those multiple wake ups to come when he arrives....

Little did I know that he would be arriving much sooner than anticipated!

We had an ultrasound at the specialist's office this morning and I couldn't get over how much bigger LBC has gotten on the screen - when we last saw him 3 weeks ago, he was weighing in at around 6lbs, 9oz. Today he is tipping the scales at a whopping 8lbs 11oz!!!!!! The doctor came in after reviewing the ultrasound and the first question he asked was which one of was a big baby (all eyes on Matt!) and then got serious. He said that he was worried about how much larger the baby was going to get over the next few weeks if we waited until 39 weeks to deliver...so he called my doctors office and got their OK to perform an amniocentesis. They stuck the long amnio needle into my belly which didn't hurt at all, but caused some crazy cramping and took a sample of the amniotic fluid to send to the lab to be tested to see LBC's lung maturity level. Afterward, they hooked me up to some monitors for awhile and monitored my contraction activities and baby's heartbeat. They also let me know that I was to call my doctors office because they would be putting me into their induction schedule for an ASAP induction. WHAT!?

So we left the office and I called the doctor - he said that he wanted to get the test results back, but that he could bring us into the hospital tonight to start the induction. I started laughing at him. WHAT?!?!

Long story short....we were able to buy me a couple of days for my sanity's sake, and we are being induced at 10am on Friday! I went into work following my appointment this morning to try and wrap up a week of planned work into about 4 hours and then headed home to rest.

We also had our Labor & Delivery tour of the hospital tonight with our doula April, and that really got me in the baby delivering spirit for Friday after seeing all those cute babies in the nursery and realizing that in a couple of days I will be holding my little boy!!

So, crazy things to come! Looks like we will have a baby by Saturday - please keep us in your thoughts & prayers to go through delivery comfortably and easily. Perhaps the next time I post will be to introduce LBC to the world!

Much love,

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