Friday, March 5, 2010

So many updates!

Wow - I really need to stop slacking on these updates, too many things to remember when I finally get to do this!

The last two weeks have been really long and my head is just now starting to slow down from the continual spin. Here's some new updates:

1) The Jason Aldean concert last Friday was awesome. Our seats were amazing and we had a great time. LBC loved the music - he was kicking up a storm the entire time. It was a great break from all the craziness!

2) Had an ultrasound this week - new picture below. LBC is currently weighing in at 6lbs 9oz in the 85th percentile. He's changing so much between each time that we get to see him. I am getting SO excited to see him in person, I can hardly stand it!

3) During the ultrasound on Tuesday, I told the doctor I wasn't feeling that well and have been having problems with headaches, dizziness, swelling, etc. She sent me to my regular OB's office and to make a long two day story short, after several tests we found out that I am anemic and have Gestational Diabetes. I am headed today after lunch time to meet with a Diabetes educator and get all the tools to test my blood sugar several times a day. If we can't get the sugar levels down enough, I will have to start taking insulin through the rest of the pregnancy. This is what has contributed to LBC's rapid growth over the last 6-12 weeks. Hopefully he will start to slow his role over the next few weeks. We will have another ultrasound in 2 1/2 weeks to see where he is at once he is considered "full term" and we will likely be planning an induction for 2 weeks later when I hit 39 weeks.

4) Physical Therapy started this week also - they are treating my out of alignment hips and spine and it is really helping me with the pain I had been having. Now if only I could sleep better at night!

5) Tomorrow is my baby shower!!!! After a month of waiting after that darn snowstorm, it is finally here and we are so excited! Especially now that we know we will have LBC in our arms in just about 30 days, it will be great to feel a bit more settled. Also on our to-do list for the next few days is to get a hospital bag packed. I'm at the point now where things start becoming unpredictable!

I promise to start getting better about blogging more often...more later this weekend!



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