Thursday, January 7, 2010

Eco-Friendly wannabe Lindsay

Most people who know me have always known me to be a raging Democratic liberal, even though my career in banking has pulled me a bit closer to the middle over the last few years. I still bleed blue when it comes to my thoughts on most things. I grew up with a Democratic, politically involved father and campaigned with him and had the opportunity to learn a lot.

One thing I've never been quite good at however, out of sheer laziness, is my respect for the environment and the damage we do to it on a daily basis. I must have a little Al Gore growing in my uterus, because I have become suddenly aware of "carbon footprint" for lack of a better term, and have found myself vowing to make an impact in my own small way to try and contribute toward a better Earth for my children.

So where do I begin?! I'm trying to take a more natural approach to some of the aspects of parenting and raising a child. I'm also tapping back in my holistic roots from my time becoming a certified reflexologist. We have made the decision to attempt to solely breast feed the baby along with taking a stab at cloth diapering (before you judge, google BumGenius - the cloth diapers of this century are so cool!). I am trying to be more organic in the products I use to clean my home and myself.

There is so much information out there to consume and it can be so overwhelming that it causes more heartburn than the pregnancy does, but it feels really good to know that I am trying. Thank goodness for Matt's cousin and my friend Sandy - she & her husband Chadd are raising their child very eco-friendly and I have learned so much already, I'm thrilled to have such a resource in her. I swear she will want to start charging me for her opinion before this is all said and done!

So just to challenge a thought for the day to have you thought recently about your impact on the Earth and environment? What do you do each day to try and make a difference? I'd be interested in tips and thoughts if you wouldn't mind posting in the comments.


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  1. I'm nursing my babies, and it's the BEST! It's not easy at first with baby #1, even if they're good nursers, cause it's just all so new, but by the time they wean, it's been such a wonderful bonding experience. I lovvvve it! :)