Thursday, January 14, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

I'm going to apologize to my mom first with this post, because I know the title will cause her to sing various Sound of Music songs ALL day long....I can just see her practicing her best VonTrapp family impersonation right now.....

I had to share two new favorite things of mine that I got this week..

First - the "Snoogle" pregnancy body pillow (please note that this is NOT a picture of me with it!):

This thing is INCREDIBLE. As a life long "belly" sleeper, I've been forced to sleep on my side for the last 20 weeks or so and as a good sleep lover, I've been in agony. Last night, after talking about it and researching the different kinds, we broke down & bought me a snoogle. I won't even disclose how much I paid for it, because it was way too much. However, I woke up this morning and hadn't felt so refreshed in months. Highly recommend for any prego who wants a good nights sleep!

Second - I am currently blogging from my new Dell Inspiron laptop which is cool just by itself, but is taken to the highest cool level given the color of it...check it out:

Purple Passion is the official color name....I'm in love. I can now easily upload pictures & videos and it is super fast compared to the dinosaur of a laptop I had before. I have the best husband :)

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