Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Third Trimester!!

Today officially starts the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy and the start of Week # 28. I can't believe how quickly time has gone to get us here. I remember so many weeks ago while still in the first trimester when Matt & I would talk about how we couldn't wait to get to at least 16 weeks because we thought at that point it would make things seem real. Now 16 weeks seems like a lifetime ago!!

My pregnancy milestones have been marked by many unfavorable, but memorable, reminders. The week we found out that we were pregnant, Matt & I both came down with the swine flu (it was never confirmed swine, but we were told that was the only active strain in August). We both had fevers of 102+ and were completely miserable for days. Then in the 2nd trimester, my good old gallbladder decided that it was time to bid farewell to my body and ruin our vacation plans. Now, as I start the 3rd trimester, I am on my 2nd day home sick from work this week with a nasty upper respiratory infection and annoying sinus cold. I'm starting to ponder which medical ailment I could possibly come down with for labor day...

So here's some fun tidbits on LBC & the pregnancy thus far on his special 3rd trimester day:

-LBC is now 189 days old in gestational terms, which means we are 68% of the way there! He can now hear, cry, blink, & practice breathing and he is a little over 2lbs and is about 14-15 inches long.

-There are only 91 days left until LBC makes his grand entrance to the world..though it could be even less than that as he is growing like a weed and there is talk of him joining us a week early so he doesn't get too large and either destroy my nether-regions or force a C-section situation. (I keep trying to remind him that I have wonderful natural birth plans for him including a doula, birth ball, no meds, etc)

-While LBC has been quite a pain in the rear (sometimes in the literal sense, as he has begun to push on my sciatic nerve), causing never-ending morning sickness, unpredictable gag reflexes, over the top heightening of senses (seriously, its just wrong to have to endure the smell of a dog fart moments before it hits everyone else), I've been quite lucky and have yet to re-gain the weight I lost while sick for all those weeks and I am still at a -3lb weight gain from my pre-LBC weight for the pregnancy. Not too shabby, thanks little monkey.

-LBC is quite the active little guy and I'm convinced that he is either monkey-like as he climbs and swings his way around my uterus, or he is practicing his athletic abilities and will be the next David Beckham immediately upon entering this world. Though perhaps I have it all wrong, and really he is inspired by what he hears when I shamelessly watch the garbage show that is "The Jersey Shore" on MTV and he is in there practicing his fist pumping and creating a "situation" like the self-proclaimed "guidos" on the show.

-Archie, our beloved golden, has now figured out there is a baby in my belly and he & LBC have already bonded. Archie loves to sit next to the couch when I am on it, and push his nose into my rapidly expanding belly. LBC seems to sense him there and always kicks back as if to say hello to his BFF.

So now we start heading towards the home stretch. We are kind of in that lull that I remember being in not long before our wedding. You know there are a million things to do, but it doesn't really seem like the end is in the imminent enough future to really do much. Regardless - LBC is coming, and coming soon - and sometime in the next 90 days, our lives will forever be changed for the better by this little guy. I am giddy with excitement to meet him.

I can't end my post for the day without giving a special shout out to the all time greatest baby daddy ever Matt - he stopped home to check on me today with a milkshake from the PA Farm Show where he had to be at for work this morning. I'm starting to think that life really doesn't get better than this.


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