Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Future Comedian??

So today was the big day for the ultrasound, and it was big in more ways than one.

I'll start with the "big" stuff - LBC is estimated to currently weigh in at about 3lb 4oz already, which puts him in the 80th percentile for size. Translation : He is on the path to be a big baby. Matt & I were joking around with the technician and I made a remark about having a 12 pounder and she said "well, I wouldn't rule it out". I immediately had the urge to cross my legs in anticipation of some serious pain.

The first part of the ultrasound was great - we saw his head, spine, legs, arms, all four chambers of the heart pumping away, organs like his stomach, kidneys, bladder - all things we've seen before, but this time in week 29 view.

Then we got to what was supposed to be the good part. She was going to get some face shots as well as a good image to once again confirm LBC's little boyhood. LBC is doing some things right, and is currently in the vertex position (head down) where he wants to be for delivery. She moved the ultrasound wand thingy (real technical and smart, huh?) down to my lower abdomen and Matt & I both braced in anticipation of seeing this beautiful little face finally looking more like our little baby and less like the big headed alien we've seen the other times. There on the screen we see all the features of his face and as the tech hits the button to switch to 3-D mode to give us the "real view", LBC turns his head completely away from us giving a nice full shot of the back of his head.

The tech attempts several times to capture that cute little face, and each time he responds with a hand over the head, turn away from the camera or a face smash into the side of my uterus. We even tried having me lie on my side for a few minutes and push around to try and coax him into cooperation. The ONLY shot we ended up with is a half face glimpse of a cute eye, nose and lips pursed into the shape of a smile. Apparently we have a comedian on our hands.

So to try and make me feel better about my un-cooperative child, the tech then moves the ultrasound wand thingy to the top of my stomach to get some boyhood confirming shots. While in the 2-D mode, she points out that yes, he is in fact a boy, but realizes that to the untrained eye it can be very difficult to really understand what we are looking for so she will give us a good 3-D image. Guess what happens next? Yep, our funny little monkey tucks his left leg right up underneath that cute little butt and completely covers up anything that would verify his gender to us. Coincidence? I think not.

So after 30 minutes of ultrasound and a good 10-15 minutes of wishful thinking, we had to give up on our dreams of getting a fun blog worthy picture of this cute little boy. Fortunately, we are headed this Saturday to "Womb With a View" which is a non-medical ultrasound place where we can bring family and try to get some great frame-worthy shots of the little guy. I joked with Matt that I will let today's lack of cooperation slide since insurance is picking up the tab for this ultrasound, but Saturday's falls on our dime along with the company of his grandmothers & aunts who are eager to see his little face, so I may not be so understanding next time!

I can't help but wonder though...is this a sign of personality? Could it be that he has a sweet shyness like his daddy (we all know I have maybe 1 shy bone in my body), or is stubborn and bull headed like his mommy? I guess time will tell...for now, it's fun to laugh and give him the credit for being smart enough to play tricks on us. I can't wait to hear the laugh that develops out of this gestational attempt at humor!

Keep your fingers crossed for us that Saturday results in a DVD full of great images for me to someday show his girlfriend....


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