Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hi my name is Lindsay and I've become a baby clothes shopaholic.

So, after 30 weeks I have finally given in started buying baby clothes. I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how addictive it would be. I think I said "awww" about 8,000 times today while shopping at the Hershey outlets. The best part was that I've always loved Gymboree baby clothes, but have always been relatively appalled at the prices they charge for how quickly babies grow out of the clothes. So one of my first stops was to the Gymboree outlets. They were having a fabulous sale on spring/summer clothing which is what LBC will need first.

I went crazy. The pricetags started at $0.99 and the most expensive thing I bought 22 items later was $7.99. Got stuff for this year, for next year, it was so much fun.

I've always laughed when people talk about the amount of clothes their babies have and how they grow so fast they only get to wear things a couple of times at most, and I can now say that our baby will most likely join those ranks. I think I need to stop buying clothes though at this point, because the way my luck goes - our 0-3 month stash of clothing that should fit up through 12 lbs will never fit this ever growing little baby.

I guess if the clothes don't end up fitting, I could always start a lucrative career as an EBay store owner selling baby clothes...

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