Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh little LBC..

LBC is kicking up a storm tonight, and its amazing how each time I feel a kick, it is just as exciting as the first time I ever felt it. Each kick makes me wonder more about this little tiny baby inside of me - what will he look like? What will it feel like to hear him laugh or see him smile? How amazing will it be to find out that another human being will be consoled or comforted by just having me hold him?

Don't have much else to post about tonight other than this...we have an ultrasound tomorrow morning and I am really hoping LBC cooperates with the tech and gives us some good images. He has been notorious for hiding his face during ultrasounds!

For now..I'm going to relax with my amazing husband and feel our amazing baby kick his way around and try to take a mental picture of how happy I feel in this moment about the family we have created together and how much we have to look forward to. I hope that I can always remember to cherish these simple moments, block out the rest of the worries in the world and stay inside the bubble of our four walls to find my truest happiness.

Sweet dreams <3

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